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Biker Kiss Dating Review

Bikers are cool; there is nothing as cool as seeing a girl or a guy speeding down the tarmac while on a bike. The only thing that can beat the site of that is the Bikers Kiss Dating website. Bikers Kiss is a worldwide free to join website where single bikers from all around the globe meet each other, get to know each other and create relationships from the website. The best thing about this website is the fact that the membership is free of charge. The website does no filter any bike users from being members, as long as you own a motor bike of any type, you are welcome to try out the site.

The interface of the website is user friendly especially after opening the page for the first time, there is a log in section for previous users and a match finder for the new bikers on the site. After filling in the information in the match finder, click on the find my matches’ button to bring the search results in the selected region. From here, you will create the account free to be able to view the number of single bikers in the region, how easy is that?

Biker Kiss dating website displays quick links that are eye-catching for every biker. They include biker videos, tattoos, forums, fashion and many other links that suit any biker’s preferences. These links provided under the website are for the entertainment of the other bikers in the site. Members are able to add and share their own stuff, be it fashion, tattoos and videos. The forum allows you to discuss on different topics with the other biker members on the website. The website has some categories listed but in case you want to start a new category, you can email the support group and they respond as soon as possible.
There is a tab where you open and read feedback of successful stories of relationships that start from the Biker Kiss website. Biker Kiss members post these stories not anyone else. This is proof that people trying the website have something to look forward to and not live in doubt. The stories are of true nature and the website does not alter them in any way, so that you can be sure that the relationships build from Biker Kiss are not lies.

Biker Kiss gives you experiences like never before with a friendly community that you interact and share interests. The website does not share your information with outside parties meaning that your information is safe and secure. There is a link connecting your BikerKiss account with your Facebook account that you can use to search for your Facebook friends and the website does not post anything on your Facebook page without your permission.

I encourage anyone who is a biker and has not joined Biker Kiss website to try it as soon as possible. Bikers share interests with other bikers and this can be your first step in finding a biker that you share a lot with than you ever thought. The site is free and most importantly, it may just be your chance to meet the guy or girl of your dreams.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

BikerPlanet Biker Planet Review

BikerPlanet Biker Planet Review

About Biker Planet
Launched in 2006, Biker Planet is a dating website for bikers which continues to grow ever more popular over time. With a strong membership in all areas of Canada and the United States, Biker Planet offers exclusive features not available on many other dating websites, such as audio and video chat rooms and the ability to send instant messages to other members of the site.

Biker Planet is not only about dating and about finding love but is also about being a part of a community of like-minded people who share the same interests. Never worry about having to ride alone again, as finding someone to ride with on Biker Planet is easy and the prices are affordable.

Signing Up

Signing up to the Biker Planet website is free and is easy enough. Simply choose your username, set your password, submit your date of birth and you're good to go. You must, however, also fill in a headline and a description and whilst there is also an option on the home page to search the site for other members, you must register first before you can do so.

Once you log in to the site, you will be taken to a payment page where membership options are available. However, you don't need to worry about this and can just click 'home' to be taken to the home page from which you can navigate around the website. Alternatively, instead of signing up directly with the site, you can also choose to log in to the site using your Facebook account. You may want to consider changing your Facebook privacy settings if you do this though.

Membership Packages

BikerPlanet offers three different levels of membership. However, before purchasing a membership users are given the option of a free three-day trial for just $1. Once the three day trial is over, users then have the opportunity to purchase a subscription at the discount price of $14.47 per month. Presumably, this is an incentive to encourage users to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase straight away, as the standard rates of membership are as follows:

* One month subscription: $24.99
* Three month subscription: $16.66 per month
* One year subscription: $7.49 per month

You should note that you will be automatically billed for Biker Planet each month, unless you specifically cancel your subscription.


Whilst the site is perhaps best known for it's popularity, it's essentially the features of a dating website which determines how successful it is and in this respect, Biker Planet works to your advantage. Biker Planet also has the features you need to be able to connect with other members of the site and to search for the specific type of person you are looking for. BikerPlanet also allows you to save your interests for later reference and block people who you don't want contacting you.

Not all features are available to free members unless you upgrade to a paid membership. However, features available to users with free membership include:

* Unlimited image uploads
* Perform a basic search
* See who else is online
* Ask if someone is interested in you
* Receive instant messages
* Add members to your black book or favorites
* Block other members

Additionally, Bikers Planet has a feature named Rapid Match. This feature allows you to look at pictures of other users and choose whether to 'pass' or 'like' them. The feature also shows other users of the site who have 'liked' you and uses that information to come up with matches. Rapid Match can therefore be a great way of finding people on the site.

Whilst the above features are available to users with free membership, those who wish to seriously increase their chances of finding a date or perhaps even love will want to take advantage of the extra features made available through upgrading their membership. These paid features can significantly increase the chances of having success in the dating world.

Features available to users with an upgraded membership include:

* Send unlimited email messages (to other users)
* Send instant messages
* Post on the site's forums
* Get 31 more search options
* View pictures of other users
* Stealth mode for invisibility on the site
* Send unlimited flirts to other users
* Customer support around the clock
* Special features for bikers

Whilst not many of these features are directly related to bikers, the features such as the forums make it much easier to find and connect with other bikers and to discuss the biker life with other members of the site.

Search Feature

Although there are many more search options for those with a paid membership, as a free member you are able to do a quick search for other users close to you, upload photos and look for members in your age range who have newly signed up. There is also a quick way of viewing photos of other users by selecting 'browse photos' in the top menu. This is a quick and convenient way of finding other users who you like the look of.

Ease Of Use

Biker Planet is a relatively simple and easy website to use. Everything is laid out neatly on the home page for easy access. From here you can see how many messages you have received, your stats and quick access to the chat room and forum. All links are directly in the left side-bar. Everything else is available in the top menu aside from the option to contact support which is in the bottom menu.

Site Improvements
On the Biker Planet website, there is a section entitled 'Our Friends' - in this section, links to other sites can be found. These links tend to lead to other dating sites for bikers. However, it can be a little inconvenient due to the appearance of the links which may lead you into thinking you are clicking on other members of the site only to be taken to an external link.

Another improvement that could be made to the Biker Planet website would be a feature which allows users to be able to check out images of each other's bikes. This would also act as another great way of match making and would make sparking up conversation with other members easy.


Perhaps BikerPlanet's best feature is the fact that the site has so many active users. Up to 900 users have been counted as being online at the same time. That's quite a lot. Whilst the site could do with a few extra features more specific to bikers, the lack of such features doesn't really hold users back from finding people of interest. has some great features which helps members find and connect with each other and whilst features are limited for users with a free membership, the paid membership options are affordable and allow members to communicate with each other on a much more personal and intimate level via email, forum posting, chat and instant messages. Members can also add a comprehensive amount of information about themselves in order to help other members of the site learn as much as possible about them.

At the end of the day, if you are a biker who is looking to find dates with other bikers online, then Biker Planet may be one of the best dating websites for bikers currently available. 

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Kiss Biker - online biker dating site for biker singles and motorcycle enthusiasts

Kiss Biker - online biker dating site for biker singles and motorcycle enthusiasts

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